Matchstick Men

- Mom wants me home by dinner.
- You'll be back. What would you like to do?

- I own you.
- Oh, yeah?

We'll just have to see about that.
Let me show you a little something
I learned in Taiwan.

- What?
- Dad...

...the first thing you need
to understand...

:09:51 90 percent of it is knocking down
at least one pin.

Oh, is that right? Is that right?
Not now!
- You want me to bowl for you?
- Yeah, I'll just be a couple of minutes.

- You'll be all right?
- Yeah.

All right.
This better be pretty important.
- He bumped it up.
- What?

- We gotta do it today.
- I thought it was Friday.

Me too, but he changed it.
- We gotta do it now.
- Tell him!

What am I gonna tell him?
We can't postpone it.

He's leaving for the Caymans for a month.
We've gotta do it now.

There's no time. I gotta get the money,
get changed, get Ernie...

I know, I know.
But we got no choice.

What time is his flight?
- Roy?
- Shit.

Your turn.
I'm sorry, I gotta take you home.
I can't do this. There's no time.
I can't even take you home.

- Do you want me to take the bus?
- No, no. Shit!