Matchstick Men

Did you call security?
Did you give me this?
- Yes.
- Why?

- Because you don't need medication.
- Look at me, I'm a mess.

Agreed. But you weren't a mess last week,
and you weren't on...

...Prefexall then either.
I have news for you.
Your neurosis is small-time.

Small-time? What are you a...?
You fucking quack!

Your conscience is another story.
Let me ask a question.
What if you had to change careers?

- What, if I wasn't an antiques broker?
- Lf you weren't a criminal.

That's an 18th century Queen Anne
footstool I've had my feet on.

I've had computer programmers tell me
what a nice piece it is.

I'm not a criminal.
I'm a con artist.
- The difference being?
- They give me their money.

Nice rationalization.
I never took anybody who didn't let me
out of greed or weakness.

And I never...
...used violence.
Would you say then you set
an example in your trade?

You bet I do.
But now you have to set an example
for someone else.

How is she?
She's fine.
She went back to her mom's.
Have you spoken to her?
Why not?
Do we have to talk about this?
Why haven't you spoken?
Because she hates me.
Why do you think she hates you?
Because I screwed it up.