Mauvais esprit

Where do you think you're going,
fucking asshole?. Get down!

You wanna make me run, mothefrucker?.
So you want to be a smart-ass, you fucking cunt?.
What are you looking at?.
Don't move!
Okay, okay, no problem.
Give me the bag! Give it to me!
Get out o' here, mothefrucker!You too!
We're fucked, man!
I fucking told you to get us guns, mothefrucker!
Yeah right, against three
fucking assholes with pieces,

man, you're going to go up against that?.
Oh sure, man.
The problem is we lost that guy's money

Mothefrucker, the real shit is
I lost my sunglasses, mothefrucker
That's some shit, man,
I fucking lost my sunglasses.
You're worried about your fucking sunglasses!
Hey, man, my sunglasses were bitchen.
Yao is going to kick our ass, man.
Big deal, man,
we'll tell Yao that we were set up, and they fucked us.
You don't knowYao, man,
that guy is bad blood, man, serious bad.
And you're not, mothefrucker?.
Not me.
Man, I'm fucking sick ofYao.
Mothefrucker, I'm up to here with fuckingYao, man,
we tried to save his fucking money a
and we almost get killed.
.Did you see the fucking
pieces they were carrying?.

Those ugly cocksuckers had 38s, man.
Those fucking cunts
were tipped off, man,
they came out of nowhere.
Great, mothefrucker,
you and your shit, I'm fucking sick of all of it!
You're a fucking curse, man,