Mona Lisa Smile

- I remember you as a student.
- Twenty-four, if you count that.

So why the theatrics?
We cannot appear
to promote sexual promiscuity.

Okay. It's about appearances, then?

All right, all right.
All right. Well, I promise not to appear
to be sympathetic, progressive...

...or what did Mrs. Warren
call it? "Liberal."

Scout's honor.
I spent the better part of Friday
afternoon convincing the alumnae...

...that your record was impeccable...
...that you would no longer
provide contraceptive devices...

...and you'd make
a public statement to that effect.

I'm not willing to make
a public statement.

It doesn't matter, Amanda.
They're letting you go.
It's out of my hands.
And this champagne cup
is in the wrong place.

And up and down. And up and...
Katherine. Good evening,
Miss Watson.

- Good evening, Miss Watson.
- Join us.

- Good night, Miss Watson.
- Good night, Miss Watson.

And down. Very nice. Very nice.
Heard about Amanda. I'm sorry.
She seemed all right about it.
I wouldn't be.

They don't give you
too many chances around here.

Oh, that depends how much
they hate you to begin with.

Can I buy you a drink?
Or are you here for dinner?

How long do
the marriage lectures take?

Get this woman a booth.