Mona Lisa Smile

Your husband is at a crossroads
in his career.

He's competing for promotion
against two rivals, Smith and Jones.

To get the edge, you have wisely
decided to invite the boss...

...and his wife to a 7:00 dinner.
You've carefully planned
your meal...

...set your table
and arranged for a babysitter.

- Oh, we have babies!
- Yes, and I have twins!

Then, surprise. It's 6:15...
...and your husband's called to say
that Smith, Jones and their wives...

...have been invited
at the boss's request.

Ever the Wellesley girl...
:26:59 keep your cool
and understand...

...that the boss is probably testing you
as much as your husband. What next?

- Yes?
- File for divorce?

That's very funny.
But the thing is, it's not a joke.
A few years from now
your sole responsibility...

...will be taking care
of your husband and children.

You may all be here...
...for an easy A...
...but the grade that matters the most
is the one he gives you, not me.

- You'll need to...
- Whatever you do...

...don't put the boss's wife
next to your husband.

- Why not?
- She's screwing him.

Is that where you learned
to speak Italian? In Italy?

- Have you got a boyfriend?
- Yes.