Munnabhai M.B.B.S.

Which one of you wants to be a good doctor?
Do you think you''ll be a good doctor?
''''Why, what''s special about you?''''
l believe l can feel the patients suffering.
''''l want to treat them as
friends, not just as patients.''''

ln my 25-year career l haven''t
befriended a single patient.

''''l have not felt their pain, just cured it.''''
See this hand...Rock steady.
''''lt''s done thousands of
operations, but it never shook.''''

''''But if l were to operate on my
daughter, it will shake for sure.''''

Why? Because l love my daughter.
''''Friendship, empathy, attachment-
these are weaknesses for a doctor.''''

For the next five years...
''''''ll be taught that a patient
is just a sick body, nothing else.''''

lf someone is dying outside the Oasualty
Ward is it necessary to fill a form?