Munnabhai M.B.B.S.

What else?
- That''s enough.

Ragging''s over.
Hey ''dispensary''! Out the crap.
''''Brother said to rag him, means you rag him.''''
''''Hey Swami, you rag''em.
l wanna watch.''''

''''Dump the tension, dude... l''m here.''''
Have some chickpeas - they''re good
for your bones. Lots of calcium.

Let me study. l came second
in the entrance exams.

How do you think
l got the first place...?

By eating chickpeas. Have some.
''''l asked a question yesterday,
you haven''t answered yet.''''

O''mon dude!
How can a dying man be expected to fill a form!
''''And if he dies while filling
it, who''s responsible?''''

Say what!
Get out!
- Why ''get out''?

''''l topped, and l paid the fees -
l ain''t going nowhere!''''

lf this man doesn''t leave at once...
then there will be no more
lectures on Anatomy this year.

Munna! Go!
Go! Go!
Fine. Fine! l''ll leave.
Why should anyone else lose out.