My Life Without Me

I'm hanging out some wash. You got
anything you want me to hang out?

Ann, are you in there?
Put your cIothes in the bag,
and put on the robe.

Do you know
if this is going to take long?

-I'm supposed to pick up my kids.
-I really have no idea.

Can I just go tell my Mom
to pick them up for me?

We can't make any exceptions.
Is your mother outside?
Yeah, she came with me.
Ann Matland.

-I forgot to tell her.
-I'll see what I can do.

Now if you could get undressed
or you really will be here aIl day.

Thank you.
Charlie Bob, Seymour,
Jack and Bill.
Follow me, please.
Hey, do you know if the other nurse told
my mom she had to go pick up my kids?

I was supposed to go
and pick them up today and...

Who'd you tell it to?
The other nurse.
I don't know her name.

Do you know how many nurses
we have working in this hospital?

Do you know what it's like to be waiting
at the school gate all on your own,

with your nose freezing to death
while all the other kids
get picked up by their moms?

Yeah, I do.
I'II go see if I can find
your mother.

Hi Ann.
I am Doctor Thompson,