My Life Without Me

just to see how many chemicals
they have,

and then they just sigh
and they put them in their cart anyway,

like they're saying sure
it's bad for me,

it's bad for my family but we like it.
No one ever thinks
about death in a supermarket.

Sixty dollars and forty eight cents.
Girls, you finish
those mashed potatoes, okay?

Oh, God. These ribs are so great.
How did you get them
so tender?

I leave them soaking in my fridge
in milk for a couple of hours.

You leave them soaking in milk
in the fridge for a couple of hours.

I must try and remember that.
Patsy, stop playing with your food.
Ann, tell Patsy to stop playing
with her food.

You do what your Dad tells you to do,
okay? Stop playing with your food.

Try and eat a little more.
It's more fun playing with it
than eating it.

You know
that eating food can be fun too?
Well because...
because you're doing new things,
you're trying new things
and that's fun.

Mashed potatoes isn't new.
It's more fun doing things with it.

Laurie, why don't you have
some more sauce?

Here, Don made it himself.
Goodness me.
I didn't know your husband cooked.
I didn't know there were husbands
that cooked.

It wasn't really cooking.
I just added honey
to a bottle of barbecue sauce.

Well that's better than nothing.
You could have lied,
said you made the whole thing.