Mystic River

Like we planned?
Drop me around the corner.
-Take it easy.
-He kept cutting me off!

He kept cutting me off!
He kept cutting me off!

He followed me all the way from goddamn
Lynnfield. He was trying to kill me!

That son of a bitch!
Can you believe this guy keeps confessing?
I don't know. Maybe we ought to grab
a lawyer out of one of these BMWs up here.

Hey, Devine?
-What you looking at?
-The old neighborhood.

-We're done, Sean, but I can stick around.
-No, I think we're good, thanks.

A few of us are going
to the Cantab after.

No, I don't think so, Jen.
Thanks. Thanks anyway.

-So the wife left you six months ago?

So Jenny Coughlin there
with the body, voice and the cuffs....

This girl, she makes gay guys
rethink their orientation.

So, what's your point?
The girl just wants to bed you,
not wed you. You don't even blink?

She wants to worship
at the temple of Devine.

-I'm married, Whitey.
-So was Bill Clinton, didn't stop him.