Mystic River

Have a nice day.
No, it was Diane Cestra
who slept over. No Katie.

Eve said she dropped her off at around
1:00. Didn 't say where she was going.

Don't worry, I'll track her down.
-She seeing anybody maybe?
-19-year-old girls, who can keep a tally?

-That's the cold truth, bud.
-I'll talk to you later.

I'll take hookers
over old ladies any day.

-Mind if I go grab a smoke?
-You can smoke the whole pack.

Can I help you, Brendan?
No, Mr. Markum, I'm looking
for some of that tea that my ma likes.

-That's Barry's. Next aisle.

-When's Sal getting here?
-Anytime now.

-That it, Bren?
-A Globe.

I thought Katie worked on Sundays.
Are you sweet
on my man's daughter, Bren?

No, I just see her here sometimes.
Her little sister's making
her First Communion today.

Thanks. Come on, Ray.
Can I ask you something, Jimmy?
Why do you hate that kid so bad?
It's not hate. Doesn't that little
mute fucker spook you out sometimes?