Mystic River

-ls she in there?
-All we're doing is looking.

-Quit blowing sunshine up his ass.
-That's my daughter's car.

-I understand.
-And it's got blood in it.

You got fucking dogs all over. Why do you
got dogs looking for my daughter, Sean?

Because we're looking, Jimmy, okay?
Right now all she is is missing, okay?

-Trooper Devine?
-Yeah, say again.

Sergeant Powers says you need
to get in here A SAP.

-Your location?
-The old bear cage. It's a fucking mess.

All right.
Make sure he doesn't get through.
You got those bolt cutters in your car?
I'll get us right through
that Sydney Street fence.

There's a massive search underway
for a woman missing in Buckingham Flats.

All we know now
is there are signs of foul play...

:30:53 a car found abandoned
outside of Pen Park.

Now, police officers have moved in quickly
and cordoned off the area...

...but even as we speak,
a crowd of spectators has gathered.

We don 't know more than that,
but we will stay on the story.

Until later, this is Jim Smith
reporting for WB 56, 10:00 news.

Ready? Bat back.
All the way back.
I never saw anything like that before.
What do we got?
Oh, Christ.