National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze

God. This is great.
Why don't you wait in his room?
He'll be back any minute.

Okay, yeah. Whatever.
I'm just saving you from yourself.
I'm gonna go get
your whore. Okay?

Don't even think about trying
to make a run for it.

But how do you know
he's your soul mate?

I just know.
Kind of like you and Newmar.

What?! No, no. Last night
was an accident. That was--

Who is it?
It's Tony.
Is Adrienne in there?

Yeah. Hang on a sec.
I thought you might be Newmar.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.

We really need
to work on this scene.

All right, let's get
down to business!

Where is Wang?
Wow. Your accent is awesome!
His wang is right in here.

There he is.
Be gentle, okay?
He's nervous.

Can you understand
what I say?

Where is Wang?
I want Wang.

Wow, you're an eager one.
See, Booker. Your brother