Open Range

By God, if you're gonna pick
your feet like a monkey,

you do it downwind.
Swear to God, old Tig
takes better care of herself.

Starting to think
it was a mistake

not getting you on in some town
to learn a trade.

I don't like towns.
Never liked them.

Oh, you're just saying that
'cause you heard me say it.

Get yourself a trade
and set up in a town.

You'll always have
a roof over your head,

a bed up off the ground,
and food no further away
than a café.

Ain't that so, Charley?
That was a big help.
Might as well be talking
to this horse.

Put your boot on, Button.
Let's go to work.

Course, if you was to live
in a town...

You'd have to clean up some.
Otherwise, no one
could stand the stink.

What you do that for?!
Cheating at cards.