Persona Non Grata

How is it to stay here?
I prefer not to talk.

The way we are forced to live.
We are here in Al Amaari,
We live in Al Amaari

since Israeli's invasion ruined us,
preventing us from making our life better.
Sharon did unjust things to us.
What does Sharon want from us,
that dog? That animal.

He destroyed our lives,
our houses.

They took our gold, destroyed our
furnitures, our cars,

they destroyed our houses while
we were inside.

What do they want from us?
Is there anything worst?

We want to start to live again.
Our husbands can't go to work.
They can't move.

We cannot live like this.
No arab country cares about us.
They just don't care.
Our children, what will their life be?