Peter Pan

Cinderella flew through the air...
... far from all things ugly
and ordinary.

When she landed at the ball...
...she found herself most
impertinently surrounded by pirates.

There was Alf Mason...
:01:08 ugly his mother sold him
for a bottle of muscat.

Bill Jukes...
...every inch of him tattooed.
And, cruellest of them all...
...Hook, with eyes blue
as forget-me-nots...

:01:22 when he clawed your belly...
...with the iron hook he has
instead of a right hand...

:01:28 which time his eyes turn red.
"Girlie", said Hook,
"we have come for ye glass slippers."

Who be you to order me about
and call me "girlie"?

Take that! Take that! And that!
-Kill him! Run him through!

Hook came at her.
What happened then?
The brave Cinderella settled
the matter once and for all...

-...with her revolver.
-A revolver?