Politiki kouzina

-Saut? the onion in oil.
-I know that...

-The leaves must soak overnight.
-I know that too.

Once the stuffing
is ready...

you add some
ground "kisa mamout."

Isn't that bitter?
On its own yes, but it's excellent
for delicious dolmades.

-Are you trying to poison us?
-I followed her instructions!

-But you added nettles!
-No, it was "kisa mamout."

That's what our mother gave us
to clear up our acne!

Then why did she tell me
to add it to the dolmades?

What I longed for most was an
engagement in the community.

Prerequisite for
a wedding to occur...

was the prospective bride's "initiation"
to the cuisine of Constantinople.

Don't be afraid.
It's already dead!

But it will be tasty. They'll
be licking their fingers.

-Firstly, we add the spices.
-Always "hide" garlic and onion.

Emilios says that women in
Morrocco "hide" garlic in meat.

Aunt, keep quiet!
Oregano is all it needs and
if you add a touch of nutmeg...

We'll have
a feast on Sunday!