Politiki kouzina

Come in, Osman Bey.
How are you?

Very well. And how are
you, Mr. Vasilis?

Very well. You look
handsome today, Mustafa.

When will you drop by
and play with Fanis?

After the circumcision cere-
mony, I'll bring him over.

What do you want to be
when you grow up?

-A doctor...
-An army officer.

Both are fine but I reckon
Mustafa will be an army doctor.

-What can I give you?

I've invited many diplomats
from Ankara for the ceremony.

Not to worry, Osman Bay.
Just make sure they are
kind of big oysters.

You do know,
I trust you a lot...

The diplomatic meeting is
of great importance to me.

Are things looking
bad, Osman Bay?

There is a new crisis
with Athens...

Let's see what will be
discussed in the meeting.

Relationships without arguments
are like weddings without music.

We praise Allah when we eat,
what about you?

You are not allowed
to go there, son.