Politiki kouzina

-To hell with the pressure cooker!
-Stay still, uncle...

From the shock, aunt Elpiniki
was cured of her Parkinson's.

Mussels always remind me
of the hammam.

Whenever uncle Emilios would return
from a journey, we'd go there.

I'd hear the elders open their
souls, as mussels do when steamed.

How do things look, Emilio?
There are problems in Cyprus and they
say something is "cooking" in Athens.

They always say that
and nothing ever happens.

I realised then that other things
can be "cooked" besides food.

The other day Osman Bey came
by and he smelled of garlic.

If a diplomat smells of
garlic, trouble is stirring.

Also Aidin Bey came by and
said something I didn't like.

"Things aren't well,
Mr. Michalis..."

"You must be very

"lsn't your son-in-law
a Greek citizen?"

Shh... the child...
For as long as I can remember
they keep saying the same thing.

The Turks will deport you,
Turks will do this and that...

They talk and talk, but
we are fine, aren't we?

Emilie you were sailing during
the September 1 955 atrocities.