Politiki kouzina

are being informed of the con-
fiscation of their properties.

You are listening
to Radio lnstabul.

Appetizers are similar to stories
which tell of faraway journeys.

Flavours and aromas
seduce your senses...

and prepare you for
an adventurous journey.

That's why the Greek word for"return"
conceals within it the word "turn"...

which, conceals within it
the word for "food".

-Mr. Savvas lakovidis?

We are from lmmigration.
Can we speak to you?

Please, come in...
Take a seat...
Mr. Iakovidis, I'm afraid
I have bad news.

Your residence permit
cannot be renewed.

But why?
What have I done?

You haven't done anything,
it's not your fault.

Makarios is to blame
for everything.

Our Turkish brothers there, are
suffering more each day.