Politiki kouzina

Athens, 1 964
Main Course
Who was it that taught you
about King Voulgaroktonos?

All the books write about him
and he ate yellow tail tuna.

-Where did you learn about tuna?
-ln Constantinople we had the best fish!

Sure, whenever the Bosporos overflooded
and the fish came through your windows!

-The fishermen brought us the best fish!
-So where are they now?

I forget, you forget,
he forgets...

We forget, You forget,
they forget...

-Hi, son...
-What's for lunch?


Beans are full of vitamins.
Wash up, I have news for you.

-lf you don't wash, I won't tell you.
-My hands are clean.

We got a letter from Constantinople
and there's something in it for you.

In two weeks your
grandpa is coming.