Politiki kouzina

"Dearest Fanis...
I miss you a lot"...

"Your grandpa said I'll go with
him when he goes to Greece".

"You'll cook for me
and I'll dance for you".

"Your friend, Saime."
The nutmeg does wonders for
the lmam, how come you added it?

That's for tomorrow.
Papa is fasting.

Then why did you
prepare it last night?

-Sultana, are you kidding?
-I had the eggplants in a bag!

Didn't you tell me that
Aunt Efterpi is a sleep walker?

Sleepwalking is hereditary.
You wake up and cook.

Good Lord...
But I never put
nutmeg in "lmam".

-It's the best lmam I've ever had.
-But I didn't cook it!!

Fanis, wake up...
-The plane will land any minute now.
-I'm not going.

How come? Don't you want to be
there to welcome your Grandpa?

I'll stay here
and help my aunties.

Tell me son... Where you
in the kitchen last night?

Grandpa will sit there... and his
friends... Better not there...

He will be facing the kitchen, here... no,
it will look like the Last Supper...

No, that is the best spot.
Nice, very nice...