Politiki kouzina

His mind is elsewhere. He doesn't
follow the class, he's distracted.

Where does he
study at home?

In the kitchen...
We spend most of
our time there.

I think you must get
him out of there.

Food and aromas obstruct him
from adjusting to Greek life.

Do you know he
only plays with girls?

He sits in the middle and cooks
for them... Look, even now...

Give it here, now!
-I said, now!
-I don't want to!

Will you become a pansy?
Boys your age play other games.

I don't want other games.
Fanis, promise you'll play with
boys, look what I have for you!

-I don't like killing birds.
-But you'll kill your little "birdy"!

You're too young to "play" with girls.
Once you're old enough, I'll take you...

No, no, no!
From now on, nobody is allowed
in the kitchen, not even me...

only your mother,