Politiki kouzina

-Where is the boy?
-ln the bathroom.

It seems he's been
there a long time.

Since 2 years ago. He only
comes out to go to school.

He won't listen to us. Someone
needs to have a talk with him.

-Fanis son, how are you?
-I'm okey...

Grandpa told me to
send you his love...

and tell you that he'll soon
be here, no matter what.

I almost forgot, one day a
friend of yours came by...

-What was her name again?

Do you remember
her at all?

Does he remember?
She came by with her mother
to say goodbye to grandpa.

They left because her father now
work in Ankara. Didn't she write?

-She hasn't written for 2 years.
-And you still remember her?

Don't you like Greek girls?
His class is full of pretty
girls but he's stuck on her.

You have to forget her, get
her off your mind.

How long will you be stuck on
her? She's already forgotten you.