Wait a minute, now.
What's the matter?
-We all done.
-Oh, now.

We all knew the season
was gonna end sometime. Yeah?

But look what you got.
A football...
...and a sweatshirt.
And lookie here. Look at all of this.
Look at that.
-That Radio.

See, now, next fall gonna be here
before you know it.

Now, give Mama a hug.
Boy, what's that?
l want me a hug.
l'm always here for you, baby.
President-elect Carter met President
Ford today at the White House.

Also meeting with CIA boss
George Bush.

The New York Post has been sold to
Australian publisher Rupert Murdoch.

-Morning, girls.

Free agent Reggie Jackson signed
a five-year deal...

:51:16 play with the New York Yankees.
-Hi, Nicole.

Coach Jones.
-Good morning, Lou.
-Good morning.

What brings you around here?
Seeing as you never drop by my office,
l thought l'd pop up for a visit.

-And how is everything?
-Everything's fine. Why?

A little bird says Mr. Kennedy's spent
time with you inside the building.

Yeah, that's correct.
Do you see that
as a problem?

Disrupting a football game
is one thing.