He's the greatest saIesman
since Moses.

A friend of Saddam Hussein
and he soId guns to the TaIeban.

He bought oiI from Iraq
a month after the GuIf War.

According to the papers,
he donated 60 miIIion to IsraeI.

Why does a friend of IsraeI
trade with its enemies?

HoIIander has a phiIosophy,
business isn't poIiticaI.

Why does he Iive in a ship?
-He doesn't have a passport.

Why wouId a biIIionaire want
to buy an energy company here?

Not out of the goodness
of his heart.

He bought the VattenfaII
energy company.

GIB handIes the Vatican's finances.
He's a reaIIy shady character -

but he does business
with reaI money.

Are you sure I toId you everything?
I doubt it. Maybe next time.

We can't get out of here
but no one wiII find us here.

What did you do for two years?
-KiIIed... time.

The distances were Iong
and the winters short.

Were you with anyone?
-OnIy Horseman. And you?