Raising Victor Vargas

Let me tell you something. You ain't
been with a man till you been with me.

See? Got you smiling, though.
Where we going?
-What are you doing?
-Look at that.

What, my reflection?
Does that look like God's gift
to women?

I don't think so.
Oh, shit, son.
-That girl got a negative attitude, man.
-Who, Judy? Nah, yo.

-You saw how nice I came up to her?
-Maybe it's not her. Maybe it's you.

You crazy?
Maybe you lost your magic.
You lost your magic. That's it.

Look at this kid.
I bet you it's not even me.

-Look at this kid.

He's about to approach her.
See him?

Oh, all right.
-Oh, yeah.
-Look what she does to him.

Oh, shit! Oh, you seen that?
You saw that? Did you?
You saw that?

-Did you? Did you see that?
-She probably knows him, yo.

-Yo, that kid's half your age.
-She probably knows him.

Yeah, right.
You remember what you told me, yo?
Remember what you told me?

''I'm Victor. I'm Victor.
I'm Victor. I'm Victor.

I get all the hottest bitches out here.
What's my name?

I'm Victor.'' Remember that?
''What's my name? Victor, Victor.''

Fuck you, fuck you.
Fuck you.
It's all right, son.
At least you have Fat Donna, son.

I can't take one step without them
crawling up my ass today.

-Think they figured it out?
-That your boyfriend's bullshit?

They're gonna hear you.
You're not in the worst position.
Those guys were not that bad.

-Did the sun fry your brain?

Which one of y'all wanna get
fucked in the doody hole? You?

If either one of us gets with a guy
like that, I'm gonna shoot myself.