Raising Victor Vargas

I don't think you're stupid.
Come here.
Why are you pushing me?

-Come on.
-If I take down my hair, will you go?

Right. Yeah. I promise. Now,
I promise, I promise, I promise.

I promise. I promise, I promise,
I promise, I promise, I promise.

Put it to the front a little.
Wow. You know you're mad pretty?
Thank you.
-So I'm gonna go now.

Before your parents wake up.
Before I go, can I get
a kiss on the cheek?

Just one little kiss right there.
Please. I promise I'll leave.

-I'm leaving. Please.
-All right.

-You like that? You like that?

-I think you did.
-No, I didn't.

I'm gonna go, all right?
I'll see you tomorrow?

-Have a good night.

-Yo, where's Mommy?
-She's with Vicki in confession.

Yo, take off my shirt, bro.
What the hell's wrong with you?

You like that shit, right?
Guess whose lips are those?


-Who, man?
-Juicy Judy.

-Judy Gonzalez? She was here?
-Yo. Not only that, she's my girl.

You like that shit?
Go wash that shit.

-Listen, listen, listen.

-What, what?
-I just--

-I need help.
-What are you talking about?

-Like with girls.

Church boy wanna know
about girls? Mommy's boy?

-Get the fuck out--
-I'm serious. Please.

You're dropping
this shit on me. No.

All right, fine. Now, come here.
Let me talk to you. First of all...