Rezervni deli

Yes, it's shit.
The whole world is
one big hard piece of shit.

Bravo, Rudi. You're right.
Bravo, bravo, bravo.
Earlier this morning there was
a tragic accident

at an illegal border crossing.
A 23-year-old
Macedonian girl died

while a group of illegal immigrants
tried to escape a police patrol.
The girl fell off a cliff.
The investigation will show
if it was an accident

or suicide out of despair.
The immigrants have already been
placed in the center

for deportation of foreigners.
They are going to be returned

to the Croatian authorities.
Last year 35,000 illegals were captured

and in the first three months
of this year

10,000 have already been arrested
by the Slovene police.

And now the weather report.
This afternoon it will be

clear, partly cloudy.
In the following days

we expect clear
and cold weather.

Fuck, it's not accelerating
like it should!

Don't give me that!
You don't have the guts.

I'm joking, you're good kid.
You need to work on your bend,
lean backwards!

- How was it?
- Perfect Geri! Perfect!