Rezervni deli

Did I tell you that for four years
Ludvik Zajc was

a test smoker
for a tobacco company?

Every month
they would send me

3 boxes of cigarettes
and a questionnaire.

I had to fill it out with information,
like the combustion of the tobacco,

humidity, taste, filter
and all that stuff.

each month 3 boxes free.
Ludvik Zajc was also
an elementary school champion
of rock 'n' roll dancing.
In former Yugo.

- Come on, you're joking.
- Yes, yes.

In 1977 in Tuzla.
Bravo bravo bravo.
Don't you stop in Ljubljana!
We've got the deal down there.

The warehouse is
packed here. Got it?

- Okay!
- Bravo.

- We are at the border, Rajc.
- Yeah, here everything's cool, too.

We're going to Ekrem's
to eat burek later, okay?

Are you buying?
No problem.
I'll also buy you a cold beer.

Okay. Right on.
Fuck, it stinks in here!
You're all right, son.
You're all right.