Ricordati di me

Dad, hang up!
My dad's a pain.
l, too, have the right
to use the phone!

-Gotta hang up?
-Only when l want to.

You're feisty!
You gotta survive somehow.
Right. But listen,..
..if l ask you out,
would you tell me to piss off?

-Valentina, are you done?

- Hello?
-Alessia, it's Carlo.

Am l disturbing you?
- l didn't know if l should call.
- l'm glad you did.

On the phone, it's....
Are you still up
for getting a coffee?

Sure, when?
Whenever you want.
Let's have lunch tomorrow.
Great, where?
At Bartoli, at 1:00?
Bartoli at 1:00. Perfect.
- l'll see you, then.
- Okay, bye. - Bye.

- Mom, l finished the whale.
- Good!

You never told me about
Anne and Ken's crisis!

- l didn't know.
- He's lying.

You're lying!
Talk to her about her loss
of sensuality.

Let's talk about us, when was
the last time we made love?

He wants to talk about
your loss of sensuality.

Avoid the topic and turn around.
You know what? l want to sleep.
Good night, actually, good bye!
- How was that?
- Great, let's take a break.

l've worked
with Peter Stein, Strehler...

Some things went well,..
..others so-so,
others horribly,..

..but flops
are like relationships..

..that end badly,
they always stay with you.