Ricordati di me

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi!
- Hi. Come on in. - Thanks.

l brought you something.
l can't wait
to see your expression.

Oh, God!
Wild, huh?
l can't believe it.
You can keep them.
Look at me,
with that anarchist face!

And me, my face
looks like an apple!

You were beautiful.
lf l was so beautiful,
why did we break up?

-Yes, why?

Do you remember?
- No.
- Me neither.

Don't laugh.
We've got to remember.
Why did we break up?

We were so good together.
Are you pleased with the way
things turned out?

Why, can't you tell?
Your book?
l'm on the last chapter.
l'm almost done.

You said that years ago.
Did l?
My wife said..
..it was too autobiographical
to interest anyone..

..apart from my psychoanalyst,..
..whom l don't go to anymore, so....
She found it sad, too.
- Maybe she's right. Who knows?
-Who knows?

No one likes sad things.
- Sure.
-And you?

l have a husband who considers me
too predictable and dependable,..

..to still be stimulating.
l transformed myself
into what he wanted,..

..and now he's searching for
what l used to be in others.

Those near us tend
to forget our good points.