Ricordati di me

What are we getting ourselves into?
- They're waiting.
- l know.

- Sorry.
-You made it!

-What happened?
- l had a problem.

- Did you eat well, at least?
- They put a boot on my car.

Are you mad?
Spare me that bullshit
about the boot.

l met an old friend,
so l came late.

You fuck around
and expect me to cover you?

Who asked you anything?
lf l did that, we'd be washed up
in a week, and you know that.

-You asked for it.

Riccardo, you know what?
l'm sick to hell of you
and this place.

l quit!
-A burden off my shoulders!
- Really?

l feel lighter too.
l'm different from the person
l've acted like all these years.

- Sure, you're much better!
- Exactly.

- Fuck you.
- No, fuck you!

-You're late again today?
- l'm tired.

Of course.
Giulia, feed her the lines.
- Tell him you don't believe him.
- l don't believe you.

Giulia, stand up with her.
Get under the covers right after,
you're her alter-ego.

- l don't believe you're sleeping.
- Sorry!

- Giulia, the lines...
- l don't fit!

Sit on top of her,
so long as you keep going!

Say he takes away your self-esteem.
-You take away my self-esteem.
- Lean over her.