Ricordati di me

What happened?
Your dad has come to his senses.
Does mom know?
Call Riccardo now and apologize.
You hear me?
Are you listening?
Turn the TV off when l'm talking!
Don't shout!
Why are you shouting?

You have the nerve to ask?
You can't afford to lose your job.
Call Riccardo,
do it for all of us!

- Mom's right.
-Stay out of this.

You don't even know me.
l know you, all too well.
Call the office.

- Or who will bring home the money?
-We both do.

l was chock full of dreams,
look what you've done to me.

- l had dreams too.
- The great actress!

What did you say?
You weren't worth a cent,
and you know that.

Don't ever speak to me that way
in front of our daughter!

l was great and l still am. He didn't
want me to act because he was jealous!

- Oh, please!
-You know it!

You were afraid l'd meet people
more interesting than you!

l'll show you!
You'll see!

Fine, l'll be waiting.
-Where are you going?
- Out.

We're not done, Carlo.
He's lost it.
Tell me the truth,..
..are things okay with you two?
Do you still make love?