Ricordati di me

Hi, Paolino. How are you?
Are you studying?
And the roses?
What about your geraniums?
And the roses?
Ask him to bring some fertilizer.
Ask him.
There's a perfume department
on the first floor of every mall:

..LancĂ´me, Dior, Shiseido,
Chanel, Clinique,..

..Alyssa Ashley,
Alyssa Ashley, Alyssa Ashley...

This is embarrassing.
lf you don't read, l will.
You said you used to love it.
What made him change?
-Why doesn't Matt like....
- Let me finish!

Let her finish, Giulia.
Sorry. l'm sorry.
That was her.
She seemed more lazy than wise,
but she was wise, she was ahead.

Towards the end of this story,
l'll tell her something important:

..''From now on, for everything
you say, l'll ask why.''

You'll see how she answers
and you'll understand.

Where are you?
While l talk, your eyes
become opaque marbles.

Am l boring?
Am l repetitive?

Where are you, Matt?
- Enough!
- Enough! Enough!

What do you want from me?
Opaque marbles again,..

..where did you get that from,
your mother?


What are you saying?
lt's your turn.
Where did they find her?
Oh, no!
Giulia, please...