Ricordati di me

Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Come here.
-Where are you going?
- l'm no good!

Come back to rehearsal.
-Act like an artist!
- But l'm not!

-You are what you choose to be!
- l'm afraid!

You have no choice, if you don't
want to leave me in deep shit.

l know you can do it.
You'll prove it to yourself,
me, everyone.

Got it?
lt was A for Atlantis,..
..Africa, Australia, atoll,..
..for aviators, Amazon,..
..slow, oscillating A like adrift.
lt was all the most exciting A's,
except for one.

- Hi.
- Hi, Vale.

-When's dinner?
- l'll start cooking.

- Dad?
- He's not here.

- Know where he is?
- No.

..without having ever
considered it before,..

..l thought of something good
to tell her,..

..in order to reach her..
..or at least bring her near,
being as ahead as she was.

''From now on, for everything
you say, l'll ask why.''

But she was ahead, she smiled..
..and said: ''Why?''
How much longer?
l have to step out.