Ricordati di me

..and doesn't recognize himself.
The crazy thing is
that whoever reads it, dies.

We're going out.
-Who is she? -Awriter.
We're going out for dinner.

- l'll come too.
- No, it's a work thing.

-Should l wait here?

l set up an audition for you.
Are you happy?
See you later.

Where are you, Matt? Matt!
He's not listening.
The light is on, but no one's home.
Tell him he's a monster.

You're a monster.
No reaction.
Have no fear, he's still alive.
Snatch the paper from him!
Burn it!
Don't ever take the paper
from me while l'm reading!

Newspaper time is sacred!
l told you he was still alive.
You rule!
Toke up, Ristuccia!
Hit it hard!
Okay, l got it!
The weed's done!
l don't feel good.
Not good at all.
What do you think, Louise?