Ricordati di me

Don't you ever....
You let them
photograph us together.

l thought l could trust you,

Valentina, quit it!
-You're a dick!
- Quit it!

Look what you did!
lf you don't like it,
the door is there.

Got it?
Get lost. Get out of here!
How will l audition tomorrow?
ls there anything l should say?
- Just relax.
- l'm super relaxed.

ls there anyone who's got
more pull than others?

Except for me, no one.
-You crack me up.
- l'm glad.

Oh God, l recognize it.
lt'sjust like on TV.
Those are your stairs.
Don't be a dork.

Here we are.
This is Valentina.

Franco, Lucia, Alberto and Amalia.

- How's it going?
- Late as usual.

-When'll we start?
-We were waiting for you.

-Want a drink?
- No, thanks.

Show her where to go.
l'm flipping out.
Don't worry.
-Stay here,
they'll tell you what to do. - Okay.

-Where should l put it?

Over there.
- l hear you.

Look straight at the camera.
- How old are you?
- 18.

Have you already done
this kind of work?

No, but l learned how
to dance before l walked.

l can do everything, try me,..
..tell me what you want me to do.
- Let's see your profiles.
- Okay.