Alex, let's go!
Get down! Get down now!
- Get on the ground! Move!
- Keep your hands on your head!

- Hands up!
- Don't move!

I got him!
I don't know, talk to them.
Try to make it work.

Look, I've had enough problems
for one day, you know?

- Hey, where's Mike?
- Family emergency.

- Let me know if you need anything.
- All right.

Just try to get us there alive,
for starters.

- My sister's dating some new guy.
- Yeah?

Yeah, I met him for the first time
the other night.

Good for her.
Not really.
He's kind of a knucklehead.

You should give her a call,
you know, if you want.

All right, yeah. Maybe I will.
10-David to 70-David.
- Word our motorcade has been hit.
- Any damage?

- "Terry Fargas is dead."
- Damn!

And we've got two patrol officers
on the table at County.

- What's your location, 10-David?
- Right on top of you.