- That's good to know.
- Yeah.

T.J., stay alert back there.
They're coming out of the woodwork.

- American greed.
- Shut up.

- So reliable.
- Shut up!

Another officer's dead
because you shot your mouth off.

- That's how I like cops, dead.
- Want to join him?

He knew the dangers, no?
That's why he signed up
to be a police officer.

Carry a gun in the Wild West.
Like you, cowboy.

Would you be sitting here
if this job wasn't dangerous?

...killing him probably
got you 20 new recruits.

You should thank me.
Yeah, you're right. I should.
- Boxer, thank him for me, will you?
- Love to.

We are coming up
on checkpoint one.

Roger, Hondo, I see it.
Making the turn...
...at checkpoint one.
- Hardcore, Sanchez.
- I'm watching everyone's hands.

Empty hand, no weapon,
I'm going home to my little girl, Deke.

I'm going home to my brats too.
We're now approaching
checkpoint two.

T.J., relax, man.
Hondo transported the president like
this back in '96. No one had a clue.

Hey, my friends.
I can double my offer.

Sixty-six million for each of you.
All you have to do
is let me go right here.

And don't worry.
I'll find my way home.

You got the cash?
Because we don't take a check.

Come on. Be smart about this.
What do you make?

Sixty-six thousand a year?