S Club Seeing Double

Bloody hell!
Right, that's it Nobody move
I've got a gun

Guys, why is it so dark in here?
What are you lot doing down there?
Am I dreaming?
What's this big, hard thing?

- Jon
- Get off!

- Oh, sorry
- What is going on?

Look at the time!
We've missed our flight!

Alistair's gonna kill us!
- He checked out?
- We have a dress code

- Okay, did he leave a message?
- No message No pijamas in the lobby

A forwarding address? Anything?
It's the bill
I don't understand this
It's really not like Alistair

Can you believe the bill
was 2000 Euros?

- Why didn't he wake us?
- We upset him He's paying us back

We gave him a hard time
We always give him a hard time
He knows it's in fun

Maybe it's his idea of a joke to leave us
here stranded with no money or tickets

Well, what's funny about that?
Oh, yeah, that is funny,
on some level

I mean, 10 years on from now
when we look back, I'll be saying:

"Jo, do you remember the time
when Alistair abandoned us

and we went down to the lobby
in our pijamas?"

It'll be hilarious Really funny
If this is a joke, then it's on him
because we just got what we wanted

A day off
- Guess what I found
- Well done, you, Rach

- Yes!
- Come on