S Club Seeing Double

- They're staying in a private estate
- Something's fishy

Yeah, that must have been
when we got thrown in that garbage

What I mean is, we never stay anywhere
this posh on tour

Well, why don't we just have a look
We could probably jump over
that wall or something

Who let the dogs out?
No, for real Look
I've got an idea
Bird Dog to Essex Terrier Come in
Bird Dog to Essex Terrier Come in
Oh, Jo, that's you
- I don't want to be Essex Terrier now
- Well, you pick ed it

I've gone off it,
and I want to be something else

- Fine What?
- Tough Sirloin

Jo, you can't just change
your code name It will get too confusing

Go on, let her be Tough Sirloin
if she wants to be

Bird Dog to Tough Sirloin Come in
Tough Sirloin here
Speak to me, Bird Dog Over

Okay, the roads all clear Over
- Tough Sirloin to Hedge Pig Come in
- This is Hedge Pig Who's Tough Sirloin?

I changed it from Essex Terrier
Well, then, I want to change mine
I want to be Mr Black