S Club Seeing Double

I've always wanted to do that
Never mind that Just start stripping
Hannah, there you are
Perhaps you could come over here

How nice of you to join us
Perhaps we could rehearse verse two
while we're still in our 20s

Good Playback
Lately you've been searching
For the other side, side

There's a feeling to discover, baby
You can feel it in the air tonight
Let the groove just tak e you forward
- Grab him
- Hey, hey!

Let's mak e it tonight
Don't fak e it

There's no need to analyse
Now's the time to recognise

- Are you ready?
- Yeah

Now, find out what you can
Meet us tomorrow
on Mulholland Outlook about, say, 1300

- Got it
- All right, I'll look after you I mean, him

- Okay
- Go Go, go, go, go


Let the music tak e you over

Let the beat become your lover

You can't stop it, baby
And cut
Excellent work, everybody

I'll see you on set in five minutes
Final touches Thank you

Are you hungry?
I've got some toast and jam
If you give them toast and jam,
they'll want milk to wash it down

then they'll be asking
to use the loo

So we'll have no toast and no jam
We'll just talk

- So, what's your name?
- Rachel