S Club Seeing Double

Being held prisoner by aliens
or possibly popbots

Please call police
Best wishes, Rachel
What's your name?
Nice to meet you Bye
What's your name?
- Hello What's your name?
- Thanks very much Bye

Hello, little one
Could I take a look
at Rachel's autograph?

Thank you
- Victor Gaghan, please
- Hold on one second

It's Alistair for you
S Club have infiltrated the clones
S Club have done what?
Do it like that
This is the Rolf Harris technique,
and it'll come back

They're late
They are not late, and will you stop
pacing? You're making me nervous

Well, I've shown them
the Tasmanian swing

And Jon's got the hang of it
Look at them They're just so content
That's because they're bores
and boomerangs are boring

It's a perfect match
If I'd have known you could
make that from my underwear

I would never have worn any
But they're not bores, are they?
They just don't want anything
They don't have to worry
about anything

They just exist
Kind of creepy, though, ain't it?
I don't know, it's like they're not human
Oh, it's up in the tree
- Boomerang
- Boomerang

- I don't think it's coming back anymore
- But Tina said it would