- So, what happened to the guy?
- Nothing, he was all right.

But he had this huge chocolaty
red weit on his face. It was awesome.

Can you believe that guy?
If that were me...

''You wanna jack with The Ripper?''
And I have Plus-One throwing daggers,
so you know they hit their mark.

Where did you get Plus-One
throwing daggers?

From your Mom.
Dude-Man, why don't you try to get
a job where Stu works?

- At the bank?
- Yeah, man.

Dude, you'd be a natural there.
What do you think about that, Stu?
Are they still hiring over there?

They hold interviews once a month.
It's actually this Sunday.
You know what you should do?

Go to the Corporate Office
this Sunday at 8:30...

and I’ll just tell them
you're coming beforehand.

You're sure to get an interview
at least.

Cool. Right. I'm there. Where's
the Corporate Office again?

I'll write it down for you.
I'm taking the game
over to Dickey’s house.

- 8:30?
- A.M.

That's rough.
Hey, George.
Hey, George.
Come on in here.

Come on, George.
It's your day, George.
One day you'll have one of these,
just like this.

My mom started this for me
when I was just born...

and there's not a year of
my life that isn’t in here.