Soldados de Salamina

Miguel Aguirre."
Miguel Aguirre.
I hadn't thought how we'd
- recognise each other.
- You're famous for your book.

I've read it.
Was it you?
Typical "coming-on-age" book.
The sex scenes were
very graphic as I recall.

Have you written anything since?
I'm having
the rabbit. Some people
wait for the other to order

- then ask for the same.
- Just a salad.

- House red?
- Fine.

I imagined a bored old guy who spends
all his time writing to newspapers.

No, at the moment
I'm only potentially that.

I liked your article.
I thought this might interest you.

- "I was killed by the Reds"?
- Fascist stuff,

but don't worry. It quotes
José Antonio Primo de Rivera's,

"It has always been
a squad of soldiers that has saved
civilization." Published

in September 1981.
No coincidence.

Remember February that year.
Other soldiers tried
to "save civilization."

Everybody freeze!
But the book's good
and describes the execution.

The guy was actually there.
The last days of the war.
The Collell church
had been turned into a jail.

There must have been
1,000 prisoners there, all from

- cells in Barcelona.
- Did the ones who shot him

- know who he was?
- Yes.

They chose prominent fascists.
Infiltrators, lawyers,
financiers, priests...

Who gave the order?
To have them executed?
Pascual says a man named Monroy,
who ran the prison.