Tears of the Sun

Good. Pack your things
and let's get out of here now.


Get those weapons out
of my operating room.

You're frightening my staff.
l'll be with you when l'm done.
Now please wait outside!

Your staff should be frightened,

Do you know what'll happen to you
and these women when rebels get here?

Doc, maybe you can help her out.
Ma'am, may l assist?
-Are you a doctor?
-No, l'm a corpsman, ma'am.

-Can you stitch?
-Yes, ma'am.

-Are you sure?
-Yeah, he's sure.

Then close for me.
We're taking our good old time here.
All right, Lt. Waters, l'm all yours.
Hurry up, Doc.
l assume you have a plan
to get us all out of here?

Yes, ma'am. Come with me, please.
We've got a 1 2-klick hike to make
to rendezvous to the helicopter.

Get your things together,
but pack light.

Zee, bring your perimeter up.
Keep Flea in place.

We spotted a rebel company
outside of Yolingo on the way in.

We must assume they'll be here
by night, if not sooner.

l'm responsible for 7 0 people here, more
than half of them seriously wounded.

My orders are to evacuate
foreign nationals only, ma'am.

What does that mean?
l mean nonindigenous personnel,

Then we have a problem.
l will not leave without
the indigenous personnel.

We're here to get you out.
Now, l suggest you go find the priest...

...go find the nuns, pack your things
and prepare to move.

When the rebel troops get here,
they'll kill everything they see...

...including privileged white doctors.
-What part of that plan don't you get?
-The Cameroon border's 40 miles away!

-You could fly them out in 30 minutes!
-Can't do that.

-Why not?
-Because my orders are very clear: