Tian di ying xiong

Sir Lai Xi was my father's friend.
He was an imperial agent
on a secret mission.

Whilst studying at court,
you've won our favor.

We entrust to you...
...the mission of eliminating...
...fugitives in the western regions.
This will also be a final test
of your skill.

Fulfill this mission and we
may allow you to return home.

The emperor bestowed on him
the imperial sword...

...and with it the power
over life and death.

Sir Lai Xi has arrived!
He wasn't a man of the Tang.
He'd come here from Japan.

Whenever he appeared
at Frontier Pass...

...it was only to rush off
somewhere else.

Father said Sir Lai Xi
wished to go home.

But the emperor
never granted him permission.

Instead, he sent him here...
... to bring fugitives to justice.
He's been on this mission here
in the wilderness for 1 0 years now.

Dear Mother:
Today I reached Frontier Pass.

It's my new base
for carrying out my mission.

General Wen, who's in charge here...
...says the emperor
will send me home soon.

I've been in this country
for 25 years...

...but my heart is in my homeland.