Tian di ying xiong

The relics will fall into their hands.
East of the desert lies an isolated fort.

-It's 1 0 days' travel from here.
-But without water we'll never make it.

There's an underground river
in the desert.

-I stumbled on it 1 1 years ago.
-That's bullshit!

-Now isn't the time to tell stories!
-Really! I've seen it!

It saved our lives.
I don't think he's kidding.
-Did you drink from it yourself?
-I did!

And you're sure
you can find it again?

If you trust me...
-...I'm willing to bet my life on it.
-You're on!

Sir Lai Xi, if we don't find the river...
...not everyone's going to make it.
I won't let you die
before we reach the capital.

In the desert,
it's beyond your control.

Not necessarily.
Little monk, if we don't make it out
of here, this Buddhist treasure....

My mind's eye has seen the capital.
I've seen the temples there.
I've seen the relics
seated on the Lotus Throne.

Please ask Buddha to protect us.
-Do you all understand?