Timecop: The Berlin Decision

Timecop 2 - The Berlin Decision - 1xCD - 23.976 fps - Hearing-Impaired
[Man Narrating]
Time travel. It's easy
when you think about it.

You do it every day
in one direction.

But what if you could
travel back in time?

Witness history firsthand?
Would it be enough
to just observe?

Or would knowing you had
the power to change that moment,

the world as you knew it,
force you to cry out?

Well, not if I can help it.
I work for T.E.C.,
the Time Enforcement Commission.

I go after jumpers who think
they can beat the system,

take advantage of knowing
the outcome of a situation,

reverse a regret,
right a wrong...

or simply relive a moment
that they let slip by.

Whatever the reason,
I don't care.

It's my job to bring them in.
Our past has been
locked in time,

Arbitrated by time,
defined by time.

If we change that,
what have we got left?

Tell me, what have we got?
[Classical Waltz]